Pre/Post Surgery

Pre/Post Surgery ..Cosmetic and General

IIf you are having surgery, you want the best possible outcome.  as part of Cosmetic Surgery in much of the workd and other types of Surgery are now also seeing the benefits in ultimate outcome. As a pre and post-operative package, MLD has been shown throughout research to decrease the post-healing phase. By performing MLD pre-operatively, the system is at peak performance preparing the tissues before surgery. Post-operatively, MLD continues to keep the natural healing cells flowing to accelerate the healing processes by eliminating swelling and bruising. In turn, this leads to less pain, less down time, better scar formation and the return to daily living in a fraction of the time.

Benefits of treatment before surgery:

• Clearing debris out of tissues ( bacteria, damaged proteins, dead cells)

• Reduced swelling, if present

• Softens hard tissue making it easier for the surgeon

• Tends to reduce bleeding during surgery • Reduced chance of post-operative infection

Benefits of treatment after surgery:

• Reduces swelling and pain

• Accelerates healing

• Increases functional tissue ( i.e. skin replaces skin rather than a scar)

• Decreases scar formation

• Promotes soft, pliable tissues